TKTX Spray (30ml)

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Item: Spray 10% - 30ml
Weight: 30ml
Period of validity: 2 years


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Product information "TKTX numb spray 30ml"

TKTX anesthetic spray relieves pain and swelling, for tattoo, piercing, microblading, permanent make-up and other procedures. It starts working within 45 seconds and should be used after breaking the skin. Wait 3-5 minutes to continue working. This product is for external use only, cannot be used for eye surgery. Do not use in large amounts, especially on exposed surfaces or areas with blisters.



Lidocaine: 10%
Net weight: 30ml
Quantity: 1 bottle
Diameter: 3 cm


Used on the skin, eyebrows, lips, areola and micro needling. Tattoo used during surgery can effectively reduce pain and swelling. It starts working within 45 seconds, must be used after breaking the skin, otherwise the second stabilization will not be effective.

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