Published on 8 February 2023 at 23:37

TKTX is the most popular tested anesthetic cream for tattoos, piercings and other cosmetic procedures. However, with so many different colors and variations to choose from, we would like to clarify some doubts in today’s blog on all the different numbing creams we have to offer.

Questions such as: “What color TKTX is the strongest?” “What ingredients do TKTX creams contain?” and “Which color of TKTX should I pick?”, let’s cover all of them!

What is the strongest cream and which one should you pick? 

This totally depends on the reason for usage and what duration you need your skin to be numb! There is also an important factor that is called “your personal tolerance” which can influence the effect.


The strongest and mostly sold product at the moment is TKTX Green. On some outdated websites TKTX Yellow is still claimed to be the “strongest of all” however since 2021 the very popular TKTX Green has been reformulated and improved, guaranteeing the best relief for clients and shop owners.
It has proven to penetrate the skin with a 40% deeper numbing effect, lasting around 2-5 hours. 


That being said, all colors of TKTX numbing cream on our website are available in different types of percentages (which have to do with the strength of the product) that vary between 40%, 55% and 75%.

All the different colors (in the same % range) contain the same percentage of ingredients (lidocaine), but each color is formulated differently so that the actual cream composition varies. Hence it’s important to choose the right characteristics for your needs.


Unlike some of the different brands of numbing creams, all of the TKTX anesthetic creams are water based hence you don’t have to worry about your skin being oily after applying and affecting your tattoo artist’s work, the ink or the healing process.

In our Blog “The difference between TKTX numbing cream colors'' we dive a little deeper in the differences and recommendations for each situation, product and desired duration of numbing.

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